The purpose of the MAIDROC is to foster multidisciplinary advanced computational research involving FIU, national and international community of experts. MAIDROC provides independent, secure, and up-to-date computing environment for diverse large-scale simulation projects that involve several engineering disciplines such as fluid dynamics, solid mechanics, heat transfer, electro-magnetics and chemistry.

The problems that could be numerically simulated and graphically visualized are analysis problems, inverse design and detection problems, and a variety of design optimization and control problems.  Numerical techniques used in this software include meshless methods, finite differencing, finite elements, spectral elements, boundary elements, and finite volumes on structured, non-structured, and hybrid computational grids.

Single-objective and multi-objective unconstrained and constrained optimization algorithms include a variety of gradient based, non-gradient based, and stochastic evolutionary algorithms including ability to account for uncertainty.  Except for several standard general purpose software routines, all of the software used in the MAIDROC has been developed by the past and present undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, visiting scientists, and Prof. George S. Dulikravich who is the MAIDROC founder and Director.

Professor George S. Dulikravich,
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Florida International University
10555 West Flagler St., Miami, Florida 33174
Map: http://campusmaps.fiu.edu/ (Other campuses/ – Engineering Center)
Phone Number: +1(305) 348-6827


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