New User Introcuction

Welcome to MAIDROC’s Tesla 280 cluster NEWUSER.  You will recieve an e-mail with an attachment of your login information (CASE SENSITIVE) and a copy of this introduction to accessing the cluster. Your login will be formatted as:

User name: NEWUSER

Password: PASS

To access the Tesla 280 cluster:

  1. ssh to  #ssh
  2. login with your password Password for NEWUSER#
  3. ssh to #ssh tesla

You will not be able to access without first successfully loging-in to via a ssh (secure shell) connection.

On a Unix system from terminal a ssh connection can be started by the command: #ssh , to be able to view GUI interfaces use the -X option flag when establisheing the ssh connection: ssh -X and ssh -X tesla

On a windows system use a program like putty (Click here to download) to establish a ssh connection. As of 11/2009 putty does not support GUI interfaces, other windows programs may.

MAIDROC, the web portal, and Tesla-280’s head node both run Centos 5.2 and Tesla-280 is a Rocks 5.1 Cluster with que management through the SunGrid Engine.  User home directories can be accessed from MAIDROC and from Tesla-280.  Jobs must be subitted to GridEngine from Telsa-280.  Jobs can be submitted from the command line with the qsub command.  See the Help directory in your Home Directory for help: /home/NEWUSER/Help.

Best Regards,
Stephen Wood
EC 2710

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