Invited Lecture on “Application of Finite Element Method to Multidisciplinary Analysis, Inverse Problems, and Analysis under Uncertainty” by Dr. Brian H Dennis on October 25, 2013 (FRIDAY)

MAIDROC Laboratory
Presents an Invited Lecture on

Application of Finite Element Method to Multidisciplinary Analysis, Inverse Problems, and Analysis under Uncertainty

Brian H Dennis

Associate Professor
Dept. of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
University of Texas at Arlington

Date:       October 25, 2013 (FRIDAY)

Time:      3:00 – 4:15 p.m.

Room:     EC2300 (CEC conference room)

Map: (Other campuses/ – Engineering Center)

About the Invited Lecturer:

Brian H. Dennis is currently an Associate Professor in the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department at the University of Texas at Arlington. He obtained BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Aerospace Engineering at Pennsylvania State University. He has over one hundred technical publications in various journals, conference proceedings, and book chapters in the general areas of FEM analysis, inverse problems, and optimization. His current research interests include development of chemical reactors, microfluidics, alternative fuel synthesis, computational mechanics, design optimization, and high performance computing. Dr. Dennis has developed several finite element based computer codes for the simulation of chemically reacting fluid flows, structural dynamics, heat transfer, and electromagnetics. His codes have been used for several engineering applications in the biomedical, aerospace, chemical, and electronic packaging fields. He holds one patent and has three pending patents in the area of fuel synthesis from alternative feedstocks. His research has been funded by US Dept. of Energy, DARPA, Texas Dept. of Agriculture, and several companies.

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