Invitation for Doctoral Dissertation Defense on “Optimization of Cooling Protocols for Hearts Destined for Transplantation” by Mr. Abas Abdoli on October 10, 2014

MAIDROC Laboratory invites you for Doctoral Dissertation Defense on

Optimization of Cooling Protocols for Hearts Destined for Transplantation


Abas Abdoli

Ph.D. Candidate
EC 2960, MAIDROC Laboratory,
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Florida International University
10555 West Flagler St., Miami, Florida 33174

Date:      October 10, 2014 (FRIDAY)

Time:       10:00 A.M.

Room:     EC3327

Map: (Other campuses/ – Engineering Center)

Useful video links:

Heart Cooling – Coolant Circulation inside the Heart\’s Pulmonary

Heart Cooling – Coolant Flow inside the Heart\’s Pulmonary (Lagrangian View)

Heart Cooling – Temperature Distribution of the Heart (Cut-away View)

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